Ioannina: a place for innovation

Ioannina: a place for innovation

Ioannina has the potential to become a world innovation hub and is implementing initiatives to drive future growth.
The city has been recognized for thriving entrepreneurship with a focus on technology, besides its long history, artistic and cultural events, and unique natural beauties. This session will start with presentations about how the capital of Epirus and the region are advancing innovation and will continue with a moderated conversation that will explore how to connect local initiatives with global innovation trends and opportunities, as well as draw lessons from Ioannina’s case


Nikos Baltoyiannis, Head of Planning & Evaluation Unit, Management Authority of Program Epirus
Μavromataki Maria, General Manager, Branch Network Northern Greece, Piraeus Bank


Vassilis Kafatos, Chairman of the Advisory Board, CompeteGR, Greece
Alexandros Kachrimanis, Governor of Epirus Region, Greece

Roberto Alvarez, Executive Director, GFCC

Discussion topics:

  • How do the innovation initiatives in the city and region connect with global competitiveness?
  • What lessons can we learn from the city and region’s experience?
  • What technology and business trends are the best levers for place-based innovation initiatives?