Panel conversation – Building competitiveness – Place-based innovation

Stelios Petsas
Josh Parker
15 Nov 2022

Panel conversation – Building competitiveness – Place-based innovation

Putting place-based innovation at the center of global competitiveness strategy

Place-based innovation has become a key topic among policymakers and business leaders across the globe. To advance innovation at the local/regional level, cities and regions need to understand, connect, leverage and further develop the assets they have in hand, creating value, connecting and differentiating the place in the national and global scenarios. In this conversation, leaders who work at the sub-national level will discuss relevant models to energize local/regional innovation ecosystems, drive cross-sector collaboration, prepare the workforce and promote economic transformation. The goal is to draw lessons from relevant global experiences.

Stelios Petsas,
Alternate Minister of Interior, Greece
Ray Johnson, CEO, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), Abu Dhabi
Josh Parker, CEO, Ancora, U.S.
Ian Greer, President and Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Nektarios Tavernarakis, President, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Moderator: Dylan Jones, President, Pacific Economic Development Canada

Discussion questions:

  • What is the secret to advancing innovation at the local level?
  • What of programs to promote place-based innovation would you highlight globally?
  • What recommendations can help global leaders build innovation ecosystems and advance global competitiveness?