Panel conversation – Framing the future of competitiveness

Panel conversation – Framing the future of competitiveness

The war in Ukraine, persistently high inflation levels, new global security threats, and other critical geopolitical and economic developments have caused a shift in competitiveness priorities. Making sense of these transformations is essential for policymakers and business leaders. In this session, GFCC Board Members will review the state of competitiveness today, highlighting the factors shaping future competitiveness strategies and the changing dynamics in which countries and businesses operate.


Discussion questions:

  • What should be the priorities when drafting new competitiveness strategies?
  • What critical developments in the past year pose a challenge or an opportunity to the design and implementation of competitiveness strategies?
  • What new issues and tools in the competitiveness arena have recently emerged?


Chad O. Holliday, Chairman, GFCC, USA

George Handjinicolaou, Chairman, Piraeus Bank, Greece

Gianna Sagazio, Director of Innovation, National Industry Confederation, Brazil

Isabel Capeloa Gil, President, Catholic University of Portugal

Moderator: Deborah Wince-Smith, President, GFCC, USA