The global competitiveness agenda – highlights from GFCC members

14 Nov 2022

The global competitiveness agenda – highlights from GFCC members

The GFCC has been actively expanding its work and engaging with members to implement new initiatives. In this context, it is critical to develop a shared understanding among the GFCC community on topics of common interest and action.

This session aims at identifying the key topics in competitiveness agendas in 2022 and mapping out the connections between the GFCC agenda and those of GFCC members.

The session will include highlights from GFCC members and a moderated conversation that features a globally and sectorial representative group of GFCC members. All members will be invited to join and share their perspectives.


11:00 Conversation Introduction: GFCC Membership and Highlights from 2022

Roberto Alvarez
Executive Director, GFCC


11:05 Highlights from GFCC Members

Each member will give two-minute remarks on highlights of its agenda and priorities in 2022/2023. Each member should address the following questions:

  • What are the top innovation and competitiveness priorities for your country?
  • What are the key initiatives in which your organization is involved?


12:00 Competitiveness Priorities

In this discussion, we will capture different perspectives to summarize key priorities for competitiveness agendas worldwide and reflect about how they could be reflected on the GFCC agenda.


Discussion questions

  • What are the key topics in competitiveness agendas for 2023?
  • How could they be reflected in the GFCC agenda?



Chad O. Holliday
Chairman, GFCC, USA

Simos Anastasopoulos
President, Compete GR, Greece

Isabel Capeloa Gil
President, Catholic University of Portugal

Kandeh Yumkella
Africa–Europe Strategy Group on Energy, Co-Chair Distinguished Fellow, GFCC

Christopher Geiger
Vice President, Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Gianna Sagazio
Innovation Director, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry

Michinari Hamaguchi
Advisor to the President, Japan Science and Technology Agency, President, SCARDA



Chad Evans
Treasurer, GFCC


Closing remarks

Deborah Wince-Smith
President, GFCC, USA