Innovation spotlight – The future of vaccine development

16 Nov 2022

Innovation spotlight – The future of vaccine development

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the health industry, with the introduction of mRNA technologies into the market and a drastic reduction in the time to market for new vaccines. The speed observed in the development and deployment of vaccines is unprecedented and should become the standard across industries, as the GFCC has proposed in the 2021 report, Frame the Future: Guidelines and Recommendations for Future Competitiveness. But the challenges are mounting, as pandemics and epidemics become more frequent, raising the global awareness about the need for countries, organizations, and communities to be prepared for the next health crises. In this high-profile conversation, health technology leaders, will discuss the future of vaccines and health preparedness.


Michinari Hamaguchi, General Director, SCARDA, Japan

Moderator: Simos Anastasopoulos President, Compete GR, Greece


Discussion questions:

  • How can nations develop the capacity to create the vaccines of the future?
  • What is next in terms of development frameworks and technologies for vaccines?
  • What collaboration frameworks do we need to make progress in global health?