Panel conversation – Building competitiveness – sustainability

Panel conversation – Building competitiveness – sustainability

Coupling energy transition and energy security in a time of global turmoil


Energy transition is the process through which we will shift the global energy supply from fossil to zero-carbon energy sources. Such a process will require investment and the deployment of new technologies, business models, policy, and regulatory frameworks – to be feasible and sustainable, such investments will require sound economic rationality. New global risks and sharp increases in energy prices have added complexity to that equation, in such a way that energy transition today needs to be fundamentally coupled with energy security – the affordable and reliable supply of energy. In this session, panelists will discuss how the world can address energy challenges and opportunities.

Olin Wethington, Chairman, Wethington International LLC, USA

Megan Clifford, Associate Laboratory Director, Argonne National Laboratory

Derek Campbell, Executive Chairman, Africa Metals Group

Athanassios Savvakis, Chairman of the BoD & acting CEO, EnexGroup

Moderator: Miguel Athayde Marques, Vice-Chair of the Board, GALP Oil & Gas; Vice-Rector, Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal

Discussion questions:

  • What types of investments are needed to couple energy security and transition?
  • What types of policy frameworks and partnerships are needed to materialize that?
  • What lessons have we learned that should inform future investments?